Application Range

Go Green cold asphalt is ideal for various road repair and maintenance. It is applicable in all weather conditions and environment-friendly as well. The following various fields can be applied with Go Green cold mix asphalt.
1 Potholes 每 Go Green® cold mix asphalt is ideal for a simple throw and grow solution to potholes in all shapes and sizes.  
2. Utility cuts 每 The simplicity of installation of Go Green® cold mix asphalt is to open, pour, compact and finish.
3. Overlays 每 Go Green® cold mix asphalt is also ideal for overlay of areas of larger deterioration. No more temporary cold overlays followed by costly hot reinstatements.
4. Bridge work 每 The slight flex that remains in under surface of Go Green® cold mix asphalt makes it the perfect fit for bridge approaches and wearing courses around joints.
5. Driveway repair 每 Sweep, fill and compact to permanently repair pesky potholes lingering around your driveway.
6. Trip hazard 每 minimize your claim damage by applying permanent solutions to footpath trip hazards.
7. Pole reinstatements 每 Easy to install, Go Green® cold mix asphalt will minimize the time spent on the job and dollars spent on follow up repairs.
8. Kerb and Channels 每 Even the concrete crews can apply permanent asphalt work following repairs to the gutters / kerbs.

9. Footpaths 每 Prepare the base, spread evenly and compact for a permanent path. No more waiting around for and reliance on hot asphalt.  


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