Common Cold Mix Asphalt

Go Green® common cold mix asphalt is designed for dry places pothole repair, it has the same application to superior cold mix asphalt, widely applied on concrete and bituminous pavement to repair potholes, utility cuts, road edges, bridges, parking lots, water main breaks, also be utilized as permanent asphalt patch, trench reinstatements and man hole adjustments. The only difference is its water resistance function is not so good as superior cold mix asphalt, which is not suitable to construct during rainy days nor use in pothole has water.

Common Cold Mix Asphalt Advantages:
Suitable for dry places construction
100% eco friendly, safe for you & the environment
Used in concrete or bituminous pavements
No need tar coating material
Permanent repair, no need to maintenance at least 10 years
Construction is simple, open to traffic soon
Working temperature from -25¡æ to 50¡æ
Shelf life unopen 2 years
Price is cheap

Go Green® common cold mix asphalt will hold up as a permanent road patch and pothole repair, will still seal off as a permanent road repair, pothole repair or driveway repair just as it would do in dry areas.

No tar and no primer required:

Go Green® common cold mix asphalt  has a built in primer which means the mix is 100% ready to go when you purchase it. Simply compact the cold mix to a firm base and Go Green® common cold mix asphalt  will do all the bonding work for you.  

Go Green® common cold mix asphalt doesn¡¯t bleed:

Go Green® common cold mix asphalt as the permanent pothole patch, pothole repair or road repair, it won¡¯t need to removed in the future prior to any asphalt overlay that may occur.

Asphalt repair and pothole repair open to traffic immediately:

With Go Green® common cold mix asphalt, the repaired area can open to traffic immediately. 


Different package available in 20kg bag, 20kg bucket and 1 ton bag:
Go Green® common cold mix asphalt  comes in various shapes and sizes with no impact on its renowned premium performance benefits.

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